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Monthly Meetings
The Northern Koi Club meets monthly from September to April in the Caulfield Road at St. Mark's Parish Hall, Station Road, Swinton, M27 6BY. (This is a change of venue from that which we have used for the last few years. It's a much nicer and much warmer room!) The meetings are held on a Sunday afternoon starting at 2.00pm and finishing at between 4.30pm and 5.00pm with a break part way through for a brew.

Date Time Venue Speaker Topic
18th September, 2016 2.00pm St Mark's Parish Church Ray Couldwell of Accrington Bonsai The Joy of Bonsai - koi and bonsai always complement each other so this is an ideal opportunity to learn how to look after bonsai
16th October, 2016 2.00pm St Mark's Parish Church Liz & Mike Donlan and Allan Leighton Slides and discussion showing a disaster with the Donlans pond and a major rebuild which led on to 'well we may as well install a drum filter while we're at it'!
20th November, 2016 2.00pm St Mark's Parish Church Tony McCann

A selection of photos and video clips of this year’s harvests and breeders together with koi purchased. Tony will be focusing especially on the development of koi which have been left to grow on in Japan and discussing the pros and cons of buying koi and leaving them in Japan.

11th December, 2016 2.00pm St Mark's Parish Church Dave Dyson of Cascade Water Gardens The AGM (which will last all of 10 minutes!) followed by Dave's talk entitled 'Various'! There will also be cheese & wine at the break.
15th January, 2017 2.00pm St Mark's Parish Church Members Various members will give a short talk on their ponds of which photos will have been taken during the summer
19th Feburary, 2017 2.00pm St Mark's Parish Church Tony McCann Photos of The Alll Japan Show together with a number of breeders in Isawa and Niigata. This will be followed by our annual meal which, this year, will be held at Albert's Worsley.
19th March, 2017 2.00pm St Mark's Parish Church Syd Mitchell How water parameters affect koi physiology and koi health. There will also be a general questions and answers and members will be taking water samples for Syd to take away and report on in due course
23rd April, 2017 2.00pm St Mark's Parish Church Bernice Brewster Koi Health - Bernice is probably one of the most knowledgeable people on koi health and we are delighted to have her back to the club.

Summer Activities

Sunday, 21st May, 2017 Visit from the Midland Koi Association
Sunday, 19th June, 2017

Open Day

Sunday, 16th July, 2017 Return visit to the Midland Koi Association

Below are photos of some of the ponds of Northern Koi Club members

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