Club Activities.....

Monthly Meetings
The Northern Koi Club meets monthly from September to April in the Caulfield Room at St. Mark's Parish Hall, Station Road, Swinton, M27 6BY. (This is a change of venue from that which we have used for the last few years. It's a much nicer and much warmer room!) The meetings are held on a Sunday afternoon starting at 2.00pm and finishing at between 4.30pm and 5.00pm with a break part way through for a brew.

Date Time Venue Speaker Topic
16th December, 2018 2.00pm St Mark's Parish Church Yuko Howes Annual General Meeting followed by Yuko Howes with a discussion on genetic lineage of Nishikigoi and a report on the Niigata Nogyousai Koi Show. There will also be a small auction of members' surplus equipment.
27th January, 2019 2.00pm St Mark's Parish Church Dean DiMarco Dean has also proven to be an entertaining and open speaker at our club meetings. He will be bringing us his own brand – Aqua Source.
17th February, 2019 2.00pm St Mark's Parish Church Northern Koi Club members Members will show photos of their koi and ponds which will, do doubt, lead to plenty of discussion!
17th March, 2019 2.00pm St Mark's Parish Church Tony McCann The All Japan Koi Show, followed by annual meal (venue to be confirmed)
28th April, 2019 2.00pm St Mark's Parish Church TBC  

Summer Activities

April 2019 Visit to Adam & Amanda Bayer's Koi Farm - looking at a working koi farm, breeding, selection etc.
19th, May 2019 Pond visit to The Potteries & District Koi Society
21st July 2019 Return visit from The Potteries & District Koi Society

Below are photos of some of the ponds of Northern Koi Club members


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