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October meeting
We decided to use the October meeting to talk about the future of the club and to throw about ideas on what we would like for meetings, trips etc. It proved to be an excellent meeting with lots of ideas so, as the saying goes, 'watch this space'.

September meeting
Our first meeting of the new programme year was a great success with a good turnout and an excellent speaker. We were also pleased to welcome a new member – Carl Martin – who was attending his first meeting and, hopefully, will continue to join us at future meetings.

David Pool of FishScience has been known to the club for more years than we care to remember. His relaxed, informative style makes him one of the best speakers around for both beginners and experienced koi-keepers. Nothing phased him when he was continually asked questions. The one thing he stressed was “be honest with problems” – which is perfectly true. If we are not honest about things we have or haven’t done with our koi and ponds, then we can’t expect people to help solve any problems we may have.


Visit from Scottish Koi Club - 18th & 19th May

19 members of The Scottish Koi Club ventured south to The Northern Koi Club in a mini-bus, followed by two cars. Unfortunately the weather wasn't brilliant - it was drizzling and cold but this didn't deter their high spirits. After visiting four ponds they stayed overnight in a hotel where 8 Northern Koi Club members joined them for a meal. Although drinks, food, drinks, laughter, drinks were abound the main topic - of course - was still koi! The following day they visited another two ponds, finishing off with lunch at Sue & Tony McCann's home. Thankfully the weather was much better on the Sunday and they were able to sit outside at both ponds.

April Club Meeting, 20th Anniversary Grand Raffle and Meal
We had an excellent turnout of 26 members for the meeting on 21st April when our guest speaker was Dean diMarco of Evolution Aqua. Although Dean discussed the use of Evolution Aqua's products – including Stop Blanketweed, Pure Pond, Pure Pond Bomb and Growth Plus – he also enlightened us on a couple of new products which are due out, hopefully, in the next few weeks which, according to Dean, are "game changers" in koi-keeping! As Dean's background is nutrition he also discussed the merits and demerits of the contents of koi food – including the importance of fat content and the fact that the favourite fruit of koi is pineapple concentrate! Dean's laid-back, but informative and honest, personality makes him one of the best speakers on the circuit. The club has already invited him back next year to discuss, in full detail, the new products which are currently being researched and finalised.

As part of the 20th Anniversary we are having a Grand Raffle for which we have prizes totalling over £500 – click on the image (right) for larger version of poster. Tickets went on sale at the meeting and will continue to be sold up to, and including, the Great Big Blooming Tea Party to be held on 21st July. Raffle tickets are ONLY available to members of The Northern Koi Club - so if you haven't renewed your subs yet then please do so now!

Following the meeting, 18 of us went for a meal as part of the club's 20th Anniversary celebrations. In addition to the food and price, being excellent, we were able to have a private room which was well received by all present and I am sure we will go there again – Blacksticks Restaurant in Monton, Manchester. Click on the photos below to see photos of us all enjoying ourselves!



March Club Meeting
Although attendance at the meeting on 17th March was very disappointing, it turned out to be a fantastic meeting and we were pleased to welcome a prospective new member. Tony McCann kicked off the meeting with a general discussion on preparations for the spring e.g. not feeding below 5oC and only feeding minimally between 5oC and 10oC. This led on to filter maintenance and whether they require more or less cleaning at this time of the year. Members varied on how often they cleaned, back-flushed, and purged! It was interesting to note that the majority of members present had heated ponds and the majority had K1 as their main filter media.

Your Koi purchased 12 Matsunosuke Gin Rin Kohaku in February with a view to offering them to their customers at an extremely good price for a 'Grow and Show' Competition. As it happens, the majority of the koi were taken up by Northern Koi Club members – including a member in Devon and one in Ireland! They had all been measured on 15th March with the help of club members – Alan Leighton was netting and inspecting the koi; Tony McCann measured and photographed; Mike Donlan held the shade over the bowl for photographing and Liz Donlan wrote down the sizes which varied from 26cm to 33cm.

We were fortunate that the draw to allocate the koi to their new owners was made at our meeting. Each koi had been given a number; the number was put into an envelope and then each participant randomly picked an envelope - this was done in the order that people had ordered. (If the purchaser wasn't at the meeting then a non-participant was asked to pick an envelope.) As each envelope was opened and the number announced, the photo of the respective koi was shown on the screen and the participant was also given a photo. Your Koi will be arranging for all the koi to be measured and photographed in October or November. Below are the 12 koi:

Following the break Tony showed photos of the All-Japan Show which, of course, just made members drool at the quality. He also showed photos of the two breeders he visited – some of which were now back in the UK, some were being grown-on in the mud ponds and some which were, just simply, amazing. As Adam (one of our members) had also gone to Japan with Your Koi he was also able to chip in with details.


October Club Meeting
Some of the best meetings of the Northern Koi Club are those in which the members themselves take part and share information on their ponds. At the October meeting the topic was 'Regime' and a number of members spoke on the maintenance of their ponds including how often filters are cleaned, how often and much food is fed, any medications and/or additives which are added etc. Following on from the September meeting when a couple of members also produced a short video on their filtration systems, Geoff Morris decided to do a 13 minute video on the maintenance of his own pond. There is no doubt that it is far easier to explain things to members by having accompanying images.

Please click on the image below to see Geoff's video.

Club Auction and Blooming Great Tea Party!
On Sunday, 15th July, 2012 The Northern Koi Club had an auction and tea party at the home of Sue & Tony McCann. However, this was a unique event for the club in that all profits were going to go to the Marie Curie Foundation. We raised £385 through the following:

• 10% of all items sold in the auction
• A bumper raffle in which members donated prizes
• Profits from the afternoon tea - we charged £3 for buffet and cup of tea and £5 for buffet and glass of wine
• Raffle for a magnificent cake made by Katie Beswick

Over 40 members turned up for what proved to be a very successful afternoon - even the weather was kind to us as we were all sat outside in glorious sunshine. There was a terrific atmosphere and it was great to see such an excellent turnout.

Tony was Auctioneer and, as ever, did his utmost to get the best possible prices for those selling equipment or koi which, in turn, meant more proceeds going to the Marie Curie Foundation. In the meantime Sue and her team were ensuring that everyone was duly fed and watered.

Liz Donlan
Photos: Mike Donlan







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